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The One Reason You Need A Partner

Julie Lokun and Corinna Bellizzi of The Mediacasters

Life sucks if you go it alone. Period. As humans, we are social creatures. We are not meant to forage for success and fulfillment alone. Yet-we all make mistakes in picking the perfect partner, whether professional or personal. And in some instances, we are afraid to pick a partner because we are frightened of what other people will think. For example, you are gay. Or as another example, you are aligned with a community that dictates societal expectations.

I have picked a lot of partners. A husband, an ex-husband, podcast co-hosts, business besties, and my favorite side-kick a french bulldog named Violet. These partners have served me well. And these partners met my needs during different seasons in my life. Yet every partner I pulled into my ecosystem were individuals of substantial character and remain vital to my success.

Why do we think doing things ourselves is the path to success?

The biggest reason is that our ego takes the lead and tells us we are ok doing it alone. According to Rasmus Hougaard of the Harvard Business Review:

An unchecked ego can warp our perspective or twist our values. In the words of Jennifer Woo, CEO and chair of The Lane Crawford Joyce Group, Asia’s largest luxury retailer, “Managing our ego’s craving for fortune, fame, and influence is the prime responsibility of any leader.” When we’re caught in the grip of the ego’s craving for more power, we lose control. Ego makes us susceptible to manipulation; it narrows our field of vision; and it corrupts our behavior, often causing us to act against our values.

Strategic partnerships are the cornerstone of building an influential life. Understanding that you have the ability to grow your personal brand by locking arms with another like-minded person is essential to living a fulfilled life.

How can you create personal and professional partnerships?

Network like a rockstar. Network in arenas that are aligned with your mission. Create tangible connections of engagement. Keep learning and exploring. Understand that you need to know, like, and trust your connections. Test your limits and dip your toe in the partnership pond.

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