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The 7 Reasons You Need To Download The Clubhouse App

I am so passionate about this new platform I bought stock in it....for real.

I am addicted. I am addicted to this new platform that serves up true connections, limitless networking possibilities, and the opportunity to grow and expand your mind daily. I have been on Clubhouse for two weeks and the benefits are exponential.

What the heck is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio-only social media app known for its unconstrained conversations, celebrity backers and invite-only status. The experience falls somewhere between call-in radio and a professional conference. Users self-select into rooms based on interest and engage in live conversation. Room moderators decide who is able to speak, and it’s common to see rooms with dozens of active participants. The still-in-beta app exploded in popularity at the start of 2021, reaching 8 million downloads by mid-February despite limiting enrollment.

Currently, the app is in beta testing and can only be accessed through iPhones.

Clubhouse, in my opinion, is LinkedIn on steroids. While LinkedIn has its place in navigating job searches, LinkedIn user engagement seems dormant. Specifically, LinkedIn is used on an as-needed basis. (I need a job--so I need to check out LinkedIn).

Clubhouse, on the other hand, is a space that expands the user experience and gratifies the user instantly. Clubhouse has held the ground for job hires, shark-tank life investments, and intimate conversations to take place. This app is becoming known for its lightning bolt conversations that facilitate networking on a scale nowhere else seen.

The Proof.

Two weeks on Clubhouse have resulted in:

  • Collaborations with influential humans that inspire you to be bold and live outside the box

  • A shared space to meditate--YES--they have rooms for meditation which is electrifying

  • An increase in client engagement

  • An increase knowledge base of things I am passionate about: personal development, health and wellness, personal branding, self-actualization and so much more.

  • Helped me fine-tune my public speaking skillset

  • Introduced me, and gave me unprecedented access to influential public figures who agreed to be guests on my new podcast, "Obsessed, With Humans On The Verge Of Change"

  • Daily inspiration to do better and be better

The best part of Clubhouse is that, when you join, you have access to so much brainpower. You are able to listen in live-to conversations on almost any topic you desire. You have the ability to join in on the conversation LIVE- and ask questions or pick the brains of prolific thought leaders.

If that is not enough, you can moderate your own rooms, chose the subject matter of your room, and invite others to join in on a subject matter that is impactful in your life.

Who Should Join Clubhouse?

You should join. You should dip your toe in the Clubhouse pond if you are a mom, dad, vegan, entrepreneur, businessperson, sports fanatic, music lover, comedian, knowledge-hungry. (You get my drift-everyone should join).


Because it is in beta testing--it Is invite-only and only available for those who have an iPhone. The rumor is that the android version of Clubhouse will be available this fall.

Download the Clubhouse App and you have the option to sign up. It may take a while to be admitted to the Clubhouse because the app creators want to keep a controlled flow of users. Or, find a friend in Clubhouse and ask them to invite you. Clubhouse users are allotted a managed amount of invites, which they are able to send to their friends.

Next, play around with the app. Visit different rooms, listen in on the conversations. Join the conversation or better yet, be the conversation. Enjoy the interactive experience and be inspired daily by a cross-section of perspectives.

Find me on Clubhouse! I would love to hear your thoughts on the app!


You Got This-


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