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Dream Bigger. 9 Tips On How To Start Being That Person Who Deserves It.

Explore why most of us are living an unconscious life.

Since I was a little girl, I wanted to write. I wanted to write and deliver my quirky brand of content to the masses. I had an itch in me that told me I was meant for more. I was meant for more than mediocrity. There was a chorus of cheerleaders pounding in my head that told me I was bigger and better than my peers.

The reality was is that I believed in myself. The reality was a champion of motivators surrounded me from day 1. And the reality was that I got distracted. I got distracted from my dreams. I was navigating a path that stopped at marriage, then babies, then divorce, law school, the PTA, a second marriage and so many other stops along the path of least resistance.

Let's be honest, writing a number 1 best-selling book is hard. It is like finding a needle in a needle stack. I resisted the path of what I was called to do with unconscious ease. It was not until I became conscious in my life, that I could ignore the white noise around me. I became conscious of my path and strengthened in my goals.

Within one year of being intentional about actualizing my dreams, I published two books. Within the span of one year, I started a podcast, launched a successful coaching company, and founded a publishing company that will have 8 titles under its belt. Within those 365 days of leading each day with purpose, I became a sought-after keynote speaker. And this all happened within one year.


When did you stop dreaming? When did you give up on yourself? I know for many we follow paths of expectations. Often we follow our parent's lead and look to our peers for guidance. We are then equipped with a compass that is not our own. When we wake up in our middle life we find ourselves unfulfilled and even more confused.

How can you start being more intentional about your dreams and release yourself from the unconscious strongholds that you have become accustomed to? You have to wake up to your reality. Your reality is what you make it. Your reality is navigated by the story you are telling yourself. This story can be, I am not good enough or I don't have the time. This narrative loop in your head is directing you to an unfulfilled life. Don't you deserve better?

Most of my clients come to me with a deep longing to live the life they were meant to live but are held back by limiting beliefs. Perhaps you wanted to start a catering business, launch a podcast, be an actor, singer, or writer? These aspirations are all possible if you stop sabotaging your potential. Look around you and see the people who support you and discredit your dreams. Attack your life with the same velocity you attack your 9-5 job or your children's upbringing.

It is time to wake up and become a conscious contributor to your life. Going through the motions of your life will reap mediocre results.


  1. Wake Up To Your Reality-Understand What Is Holding You Back

  2. Stop Making Excuses

  3. Put Yourself in Proximity of People Who Are Living Your Dream

  4. Invest In Yourself-Invest In Self-Care and Get Educated

  5. Join Community Events and Workshops-Get Involved In Your Life

  6. Ignore The Naysayers In Your Life, Especially When It Is YOU

  7. Be Intentional Everyday In Moving Towards Your Dream

  8. Understand The Fear That Limits You-Is It Based In Reality?

  9. Start Behaving Like The Person You Want To Be

You Got This- Jules

If your dream is to become a published author-join our workshop that will guide you towards this reality.


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