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Ten Ways to Unleash Your Creativity

“From the cave paintings of Lascaux in prehistoric times to contemporary musical forms and modern advances in technology, the creative impulse is ever-present. From a new recipe to a favorite joke, we experience creativity in a myriad of ways.” Tim Wolter

As a special education teacher, author, editor, dancer, and choreographer, I believe that all humans have the ability to use their imaginations to produce original ideas. Unfortunately, in today’s stressful world, it can feel like our creativity is stuck deep inside. It may take extra work to share our gifts and passion with the world. Here is an abbreviated list to help you unlock your brilliance.

Remember: Never be afraid to create for joy.

Ten Tips to Improve Your Creativity:

1. Make a date with yourself to experience something new. Go to a museum. See a play. Read a book from a different genre. Take a painting or cooking class. Your imagination is your only limit.

2. Take ten minutes (or longer) each day to write in a journal. Use it as a brain dump. Write down whatever you are thinking. Once you clear your mind, creativity abounds.

3. Take a walk. Researchers at Stanford found that creative output increased by an average of 60 percent when walking.

4. If you don’t want to take a walk, throw a blanket under a tree and commune with Mother Nature. Studies show that exposure to nature improves creativity and cognitive functioning. If you can’t get outside, try looking at nature photos.

5. Listen to music. Classical music has been shown to increase dopamine which reduces stress and helps you feel more relaxed, lowering blood pressure, leading to creativity. If classical music doesn’t float your boat, listen to whatever you like. Put on that music and move—dance, sway, hop about. Do whatever grabs you.

6. Give yourself permission to create without judgment. Be kind to yourself. Be messy—you can refine your art later.

Go ahead—be messy!

7. Set small attainable goals. Maybe you want to write or paint for 20 minutes a day. Every great achievement starts with baby steps. The great thing about small goals is they allow you to focus better and develop positive habits.

8. Create a positive mantra. One of mine is “I am a writer who dances beautifully.” I like to keep my mantras on my phone, and I look at them first thing every morning. Some people write them on sticky notes and place them on their mirrors. If mantras feel silly to you, laugh and have fun with them.

9. Believe in yourself! Be confident! Know that you have the answer.

And the most important way to ensure creativity:

10. Show up! You can’t create if you don’t show up!

“Art, freedom, and creativity will change society faster than politics.” Victor Pinchuk

Do you have sure-fire things that inspire your creativity? I’d love to hear from you.

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