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Be Unforgettable: 3 Tips From A Mixtape Nerd Who Became A Content Creator Queen

How can you get seen?

How can you be heard?

How can you grow an obsessed audience that hangs on your every word?

How can you grow a business through content creation?

I adore content creation. One thousand years ago when I was a teen, there was no such job description for content creation. There was no major at any university or college called content creation. There was just simply a pen and paper and our imagination.

Let's go back to 1980-Something:

I knew I was a content creator in 1987 when I would sit at my stereo and wait for a song to be played on the radio. I would sit there with bated breath waiting for my favorite ballad to be introduced by the DJ and then press record. I would make mixtapes for my besties and gift them this creative ensemble of songs from Chicago, Wham, Hall and Oates, etc.

Yep, I was one of those geeks who was in the early days of content creation by harnessing the power of a mixtape.

My gal pals loved my mixtapes. My girls would laugh when I dedicated a song like the infamous song, The Sign, by Ace of Base. Every time a boy would break up with them, I made sure I produced a mixtape to connect with their teenage angst.

There was a rewarding satisfaction when my friends celebrated the content I made. These mixtapes were specifically made for them. They were obsessed with my mixtapes. This captive audience hungered for my latest release. They were my audience. These awkward, fun, and brutally smart girls were the audience that I yearned to connect with. I connected with them because I knew their wants, needs, and pain-points. Quite honestly, I was a genius in the making.

Everything goes back to the mixtapes I made in 1980-something. At a pre-pubescent age, I understood the power of connecting with my audience. Everything you create has to speak to the audience who hungers for a connection with you. This connection may look like an infographic, a blog, a podcast, or an email blast. Whatever the audience demands-you, must deliver.

How To Deliver What Your Audience Needs:

1. Understand who your audience is.

Understand what keeps them up at night and how you can solve it. My mixtapes served an audience who desired a curated music list that spoke to their teenage soul. Currently, my audience is a demographic of entrepreneurs and creatives that hunger for a brand or business that thrives. I reach this demographic by writing blogs, publishing podcasts, developing social media assets, and writing books that speak to their needs. My latest book, co-authored with the prolific Corinna Bellizzi is called Audiocasters. Audiocasters is a guide that walks creatives through the process of launching a podcast. This simple-to-follow book is chock full of advice and instructions on how to use your voice in the podcasting universe.

I know my audience wants to learn how to expand and grow their brand. And I know that I can teach them. It is critical to share your content in easy-to-digest content that is not too complicated and is hearty in instruction.

2. Understand the power of your words.

It is all about the title. Make sure your content has a powerful title that Google and other search engines love. Search engines love tips. Search engines love numbers,

For Example, try titling your content with headlines like these:

5 Marketing Tips

6 Ways To Change___________________

4 Ways To Do ______________________

3 Types Of _________________________

2 Times I Experienced ________________

3. The Title Is All About The Hook

We have all heard the term "hook, line, and sinker". This term refers to getting the attention of your audience. According to Neil Patel, Neil Patel thre are "four U's" to help you write headlines that attract an audience.

Patel advises you to make your headline:

  • Unique

  • Ultra-specific

  • Urgent

  • Useful.

Hooks aren't always clever. Sometimes, hooks are completely obvious in their attempts to grab your attention. What matters is that you are genuine in your attempt to pull in an audience. No one likes inauthentic attempts at sales.

We defy stereotypes with our content creation and we have the power to change the world with our words. Be authentic. Be the beacon of truth.

Go change the world. One mixtape at a time.

You Got This--Jules

Julie Lokun, JD. a legal eagle and facilitator of dreams, is changing the trajectory of underserved entrepreneurs who are using their voice to make an impact. As a mom of four (4) boys, Julie has learned to leverage her power to lead a bustling household while also serving as the head maven of Crown & Compass Life Coaching. She adeptly “anoints and points” — directing the strategic growth of businesses and professionals around the globe. Julie has delivered presentations on the big stage, and in virtual events. With a background in law, she teases through complex information and gets to the root of issues, telling deep, compelling stories that resonate with audiences far and wide. She is a celebrated best-selling author of the entrepreneurial series, Hustle Smart, the owner of The Mediacasters Publishing House with several bestselling titles, and is a 5-star business coach. In the spring of 2021, Julie launched a swiftly growing podcast, Obsessed with Humans On The Verge of Change which is already in the top 2.5% of all podcasts globally.*


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