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4 Reasons You Need To Hold Onto Your Hats This Week.

Boycotting the News

I participated in a news boycott this summer. I found myself depleted mentally from the onslaught of misinformation and despair the daily news outlets provided me. This soul-defeating cadence driven by panic-inducing newsfeeds led to my rejection of all news sources. I decidedly chose to be ignorant. This momentary blackout was the scrumptious release I needed. I lived a summer of here nor there, I was just present as I untethered my brain from the morbid prophecies predicted by CNN and Fox News alike.

--> Fast forward to October 2020, I resumed my consumption. It was hard to ignore the forecasted Covid spikes and Presidential debates. The looming events festered at the seams of my Google feed. And with one click of the mouse, I was overwhelmed with a tsunami of cautionary edits.

Last week, I focused my attention on the presidential debate. I quickly was reminded of why I initiated my news boycott. However, I rationalized, I needed to be an informed voter and I couldn't ignore the blistering storm brewing. In case you have too, enjoyed the bliss of a news-free life, here is a summary of events that are cosmically headed our way.

This week is predicted to be a collision of earthly and unearthly shifts in our human experiences. As ominous as this week's events feel, there is good news. (I promise you this is not all negative). The conflux of Halloween, The Election, Corona Virus, and the appearance of a glorious blue moon will provide the tools to strengthen our resilience and unite as a global community.


It has not been since 1944 that a Full, Blue Moon will be visible to the human eye on earth. NASA states that this visual delight will provide a lucky or unlucky experience for us mere humans. And because this is 2020, the blue moon will illuminate the skies on Halloween.

The Moon reaches apogee, the farthest point from Earth in its orbit, at 2:45 P.M. EDT. It will then sit 252,522 miles from Earth.

It's also the first time a Halloween full moon has appeared for all time zones since 1944, according to Farmers' Almanac. The last time a Halloween full moon appeared was for the Central and Pacific time zones in 2001.

The "once in a blue moon" phenomenon does not necessarily mean the moon will look blue on Halloween. While the dark blue tone of an evening sky can affect the coloring we see, Earth's satellite will most likely not appear blue at all. Typically, when a moon does take on a bluish hue, it is because of smoke or dust particles in the atmosphere, such as during a major volcanic eruption. When the phrase "once in a blue moon" was coined, it meant something so rare you'd be lucky (or unlucky) to see in your lifetime, according to NASA. So if anything unusual happens to you on Halloween, (more unusual than any other day) there might just be a good reason why.

2. Mercury Is In Retrograde

According to scientists, Mercury In Retrograde is simply an optical illusion. But according to astrologers, this can be a disastrous time for communication and travel, facets thought to be ruled by the planet Mercury, named for the Roman god who ruled the same. This might sound like a fairly specific concern, , Mercury’s perceived movements can affect “listening, speaking, learning, reading, editing, researching, negotiating, selling, buying … all formal contracts and agreements, important documents … as well as transportation, shipping, and travel.”

For these reasons, astrologers often advise that we avoid travel, sensitive communication, and making decisions during Mercury retrograde. Technology breaks down. Flights are delayed and/or canceled. Texts are misinterpreted. It’s not a good time to start something new because agreements made during this time are likely to shortchange one party or another. It’s also a ripe opportunity for disagreement with loved ones, so astrologers caution discretion in interpersonal discussions.

3. The Elections Is Going To Get Nasty

As the presidential election draws closer, so does the assault of negative ad campaigns. The dissemination of confusion will escalate this week. (consider this a warning). Facebook announced a handful of updates to prepare for the possibility that final results won’t be known immediately on Nov. 3. In fact, Facebook is not allowing any new political ads on its platform this week. The suspension of political ads is similar to a plan Google also adopted in an effort to keep candidates and their campaigns from spreading misleading or confusing messages to voters. This respite on Google and Facebook is a much-needed relief from this mudslinging political circus.

4. Corona Virus Cases Are on The Rise......Again

The majority of Americans, this summer, had a taste of luxurious freedom. This was the kind of freedom we took for granted prior to 2020. We had the opportunity to delight in the sunshine and see our friends. Our indulgences were as simple as eating al-fresco at our favorite restaurants. Many of us packed our bags and hit the road. We were quickly reminded of the pleasures travel afforded. According to the CDC, Covid cases are expected to surge in the next month and the impending closure of many businesses and schools is leaving a pit in our collective stomachs.

This time we are prepared. We have more tools in our wheelhouse to properly approach this possible restriction on our freedoms. Here is the good news. The panic that we felt in March of 2020 does not have to consume our thoughts and actions. Approaching the pandemic this winter with a cautious cadence, peppered with our adherence to wearing masks, is all ready common-place.


The gorgeous truth of this week is that we have the power to strengthen who we are at our very core. Approaching this week with a heart of gratitude is more powerful than a news boycott. We have the power to shift our minds and approach this week with curiosity. By asking questions we are uniquely qualified to choose how these events will affect our lives. We have the power to vote. We have the power to bask in the luminous light of the powerful moon. We have the power to gaze up to the stars and marvel at what an expansive solar system we live in. And we have the power to get out of our own minds and help those affected by the Corona Virus. This is the most amazing shift we can embrace. You have the power to view this week as a gift. You are here on this planet to make a difference and, I believe, this is the time to do it.


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