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Discovering the Magic of Forest Bathing

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Join us in our course, 'Discovering the Magic of Forest Bathing', where we will guide you on a transformative journey through the enchanting world of forests. As a lifestyle brand, podcast, and blog, ObsessedWith Life is dedicated to empowering women ages 30-60 who are seeking change and inspiration. In this course, founded by three successful business women, Julie Lokun, Mika Altidor, and Tia Morell Walden, we will share our expertise and insights on how to live your best life by immersing yourself in the healing power of nature. Throughout the course, you will learn about the ancient practice of forest bathing, also known as shinrin-yoku, and its profound impact on physical and mental well-being. We will explore the science behind the therapeutic benefits of spending time in nature, particularly in lush forest environments. Through engaging lectures, interactive exercises, and guided meditations, you will discover how to connect with the natural world on a deeper level and harness its transformative energy. Our course will take you on virtual journeys to breathtaking forests around the world, allowing you to experience the beauty and serenity of these natural havens. You will learn practical techniques to enhance your sensory awareness, mindfulness, and overall sense of presence while surrounded by the sights, sounds, and scents of the forest. We will also delve into the concept of forest therapy and how it can be integrated into your daily life to reduce stress, boost creativity, and improve overall well-being. By the end of this course, you will have gained a profound appreciation for the healing power of forests and the importance of incorporating nature into your lifestyle. You will have developed practical skills to create your own forest bathing rituals and integrate them into your daily routine. Additionally, you will have a deeper understanding of the positive impact that nature can have on your physical, mental, and emotional health. Join us on this transformative journey and unlock the magic of forest bathing. Whether you are seeking personal growth, stress relief, or simply a deeper connection with nature, this course is designed to empower you to live your best life. Enroll now and embark on a life-changing adventure in the enchanting world of forests.

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