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Get Obsessed With Your Life

Learn The Secrets To Living Your Best Life.

Get Obsessed

Welcome to the Obsessed Podcast, your ultimate guide to personal and professional development. We believe in the transformative power of stories, which is why we bring you thought-provoking guests every week who share their experiences, insights and practical tips for success. Our guests include change-makers, thought leaders and individuals, just like you, who have a compelling story to share. Join us to gain inspiration and practical wisdom from the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, David Meltzer, Kim D., and more.

We are like you. We are searching for the answers. We are leading our lives to make a difference in the world. We often stumble, we often get sidetrack. We are doubted by those around us. We are told we are not enough.

However, we KNOW we are meant for more. We don't listen to the distracters. We are hungry for change, justice, enlightenment and empowerment. When we unite together and get obsessed with living our best lives- we win. PERIOD.



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Julie Lokun

 As a legal advocate, entrepreneur and mom of 4 boys, I’m a testament to what it means to defy the odds and reach your full potential. I’ve spent years studying what it takes to be successful and want to share my insights with you. My mission is to inspire and motivate each and every listener to channel their inner strength and achieve their wildest dreams.

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Mika Altidor

 I am dedicated to bringing you everything you need to know to live the fullest life possible. As a fierce business owner and meditation facilitator who's always obsessed with the latest self-development trends, I know exactly what it takes to turn your life around. Join me and my co-host as we explore what it means to be obsessed with life and how we can help you reach your full potential!


Tia Morell Walden

I am obsessed to  share my passion for living life in a natural way. As a mom, wife, and holistic nutritionist, I have come to deeply appreciate the incredible power we all have within us to overcome obstacles and achieve our true potential. Through this podcast, I hope to share my experience and insights with others who are interested in living a more fulfilling, healthful life.

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